“The Q&A Show,” a Brand New Edgy Sketch Comedy Webisode Series Debuts on www.filmlifetv.com

NEW YORK, NY, July 5, 2012 “The Q&A Show,” a brand new sketch comedy for the web, which previewed at the 16th annual American Black Film Festival, Miami Beach, June 20-23, made its online debut on www.filmlifetv.com on June 24.

On Friday, June 22, at the ABFF Webisode Challenge, festival-goers had an opportunity to view various clips from the first season of “The Q&A Show,” providing an exclusive sneak peek of the hilarious new edgy sketch comedy web series.

Executive produced by CEO of Film Life, Inc. and ABFF founder, Jeff Friday and his wife Nicole Friday, this web series was created by and also stars the husband and wife team, Quin Walters, aka “Q” and Addison Henderson, aka “A”. Raw, sharp and irreverent, “The Q&A Show” consists of original skits, pop culture parodies and a satirical take on politics and religion.

The first season of the series will air a total of 10 episodes, one each week, and will regularly feature its stars Quin Walters and Addison Henderson along with a diverse cast of talented actors and stand-up comedians. Audiences will be able to tune in to “The Q&A Show” at www.filmlifetv.com. After each episode, viewers will be encouraged to give feedback via the show’s twitter page: @TheQandAShow and enter the fan contest for a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles and a walk on role in a Season Two episode.

“The Q&A Show” is the launch series for Filmlifetv.com, which is an online network for multicultural digital entertainment, offering a wide range of content including: webisodes, short films and exclusive film festival footage. Filmlifetv.com will officially launch in June 2012 and will introduce additional programming in the fall of 2012.

Reminiscent of Comedy Central’s hit series, “Chappelle’s Show,” “The Q&A Show” aims to reignite the flame that went dim after that show’s premature ending in 2006. With its universal appeal, “The Q&A Show” will engage and entertain audiences by delivering unpredictable and outlandish sketches that are relatable and comical.

The series features Walters and Henderson in such outrageous skits as: “How You Doin’?” with Walters as the very outspoken Wendy Williams; “Celebrity Divorce Court: Vanessa and Kobe”; “61 Minutes: An interview with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs in the year 2053” and “Love & Hip Hop: The Independence Party” a spoof of VH1’s reality series “Love & Hip Hop.” In addition to starring in the series, a majority of the skits are written by Walters and directed by Henderson.

“As it has been called the great equalizer, the internet has leveled the playing field and provides a platform for everyone to be successful,” states Jeff Friday. “I am pleased that we are engaging and encouraging people to create digital content that is ideal for distribution on the web. I also feel like this could be great programming for a major television network. It could be a great opportunity for the series to be a hit on TV as well.”

As a married couple of color in Hollywood, Walters and Henderson have literally created their own pathway and have stayed true to the vision for their shared success.

“We are so excited to work with Film Life TV, it is our mandate to create our own stories and relate our experiences,” says Walters. Henderson shares, “as a team, Quin and I understand how important it is to exist as a unit and we are committed to producing a product that has a broad appeal. This is a really exciting time for us.”

Established in 1997, the core mission of the ABFF is to promote cultural diversity within the motion picture industry. Through its film showcases and special contests, it annually introduces the top echelon of emerging artists to the film and television industry.

Film Life TV and the ABFF are properties of Film Life, Inc., a New York-based event marketing, production and film distribution company founded in 2000 by Jeff Friday.

Connect with “The Q&A Show”:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Q-A-Show/112305932188171
Twitter: @TheQandAShow

Available sketches for viewing:

Driving While Black (1:18)
Original Sketch; White Friends Don’t Let Black Friends Drive While Black
Written by: Stephan Rich
Directed by: Addison Henderson and Stephan Rich

Celebrity Blind Date with Nicki Minaj (2:25)
Original Sketch; Nicki Minaj goes on a blind date with a fan in an unusual place.
Written by: Quin Walters
Directed by: Addison Henderson

Straight Farm (0.44)
Spoof of the popular State Farm insurance commercial.
Written by: Quin Walters
Directed by: Addison Henderson

Heart to Heart (2:53)
Spoof of the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop
Mama Jones and Jim Jones have a fight.
Written by: Quin Walters
Directed by: Addison Henderson

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