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NICE CROWD (formerly ABFF Ventures), is a leading entertainment company in the events arena. We specialize in the development and marketing of festivals and other live experiences that showcase Black culture and achievement while promoting tourism to leading domestic and international destinations.

28th Annual

American Black Film Festival

The premier festival in the world showcasing Black content and storytellers.

Miami Beach, June 12-16, 2024

1st Annual

Because They’re Funny

A comedy festival for industry insiders and casual fans showcasing comedic talent within BIPOC communities.

Washington, DC October 6-8, 2023

9th Annual

ABFF Honors

An exclusive awards season gala dedicated to recognizing excellence in the motion picture and television industry.

Los Angeles, March 2024

3rd Annual

ABFF Global

An international screening and conversation series promoting the universal appeal of Black content.

London, September 1-3, 2023

1st Annual

Foodie Retreat

A festival for food enthusiasts exploring the gastronomic scene of major cities across the country while promoting BIPOC’s contributions to the culinary world.


2nd Annual

Social Justice Now Film Festival

Produced for the Film Life Foundation, the festival showcases content that confront the social and economic issues facing Black and Brown communities within the United States.

Los Angeles, February 22-24, 2024

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